Canada day vs. 4th of July

We were lucky enough to celebrate Canada day (July 1) in Canada as well as the 4th of July in the US. Both days we were in small cities, but we got a glimpse of how these special days are celebrated.
We were in the small town of Kingston, Ontario on Canada Day but you could see how the day was celebrated. All the people we saw on the street were dressed in white and red, flags everywhere, music everywhere, even in the hotel. And at night, fireworks from our hotel balcony. O wasn't scared at all. It is like the whole town was waiting on the fireworks and gathered in the park across from the hotel. It is a proud nation.
(I also dressed for the occasion, because I'm a citizen of the world :) )

 4th of July!
Of course in the US the flag is omni present during the whole year. But being in the US the week before July 4th and on the day itself, you could see that most people made an extra effort in decorating their houses and the lovely porches of course.
The Americana way, all stars and stripes.Love it!
O dressed for the occasion (she is a little bit an American after all)and Lolo & myself were also into stars and stripes. 
Where Canada celebrated the day in the public parc, I got the feeling that in the little town of Seneca falls (where we were staying) it was mostly celebrated in the backyard around the BBQ.
Although there were some parties in the lake as you can see in the pictures. It was very quiet in the streets. At night there were also fireworks, but we decided to watch the 4th of July NYC Fireworks on TV. They were impressive.