Perseverance... something I definitely have to work on in my life.
I cannot tell you how many times I have started something and then just gave up or lost interest.
I am sure a lot of people recognize this. You decide to go running, buy shoes, an outfit, the right music on your ipod. First run is hard but great, next time you wanna go it rains - damn, the time after you have a better thing to do, and in the end your running pants never leave the sofa again. Sounds familiar, right?

It is always the same story, like yesterday - I was running  (yes running again),  through my closet, trying things on, getting more depressed with every not-fitting dress, and decided: Enough is enough!
So I was already looking up weightwatcher programs, recipes, and work out programs.
Then I went to sleep, got up, ate 2 croissants at work, at noon hamburger and fries and tonight pasta with cream. As you can read - a very good day to start the masterplan for getting back  into my dresses!

Oh well, after the holidays I will definitely start again...
with running, swimming, losing kilo's and 20 other things.

By the way, today was my second run, hope I didn't jinx it with this post.