A la campagne basque

After our day in the snow (see here), we spent the day in the sun! 19°C it was! 
It's coming, the springtime!
We went for lunch at a local restaurant with the family, then drove back through the mountains following the river with clearblue water, since it is coming from the melting snowy mountains of the Pyrenees.
In the afternoon, when hubbie was watching rugby & baby was playing with her grandmother, I went for a happy walk in the village, with Zero 7 in my ears, the sun in my face and the wind in my hair. There was an open air theatre going on, called 'Masquerade', a Basque tradition of singing and dancing. People bake cakes and drink beers, as it is the first outing of 'early' spring.
At sunset, Lolo and myself went on an anniversary date drive in the mountains, it was cool driving on the littlest roads while you hope that no mobile home or big car is coming from the other side, because there is no way you can both cross the road without 1 car falling off the mountain. We also got stuck behind 200 sheep that were going home after a day of eating grass up the hill. All in all, a fun day!