A day and night in Maastricht

My man took me on a last minute shopping weekend to Maastricht.Jeej!
We stayed at the hotel brittanique in the heart of the city / they had L'Occitane guest amenities, an extra that I highly appreciate/
The downstairs of the hotel was an Art Nouveau brasserie that we both really liked.
A few highlights to check out for you:
The bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen in an old church / Taart: a charming coffee & cake place./ Witloof: a Belgian restaurant (unfortunately fully booked on the evening we went, but I took a peek and seems very nice)/ The Kruisheren Hotel, also located in an old church, with a lovebirds bar inside.
And lots and lots of shopping, take the small streets.

It was a nice family outing!