The 'Big' Christmas dinner

Yesterday we had our big family Christmas dinner, I say big because we were 24 people! My family (both mother & father's side) and Lolo's parents and sister and her family.
We cooked all day (with the help of Lolo's family), decorated the table and had fun preparing for the evening. It is not easy cooking in a normal kitchen for so many people, but we pulled it off. Everything was home made, the appetizers, soup, first course, main course and the dessert buffet.(details on the bottom of the page)
We had a nice time eating together, opening the presents and enjoying the moment. We hope everybody had a nice time!




  • Cheese balls with fleur de sel
  • Fried scampi covered with panko, served with lemon and red chilly dip
  • Sparkling cranberry brie bites
  • Potato mousse with smoked trout and mustard cress
  • Mini Eclairs with chocolate & caramel
  • New York cheese cake
  • Apple, golden syrup and pecan cake, served with mascarpone
  • Night & day muffins
  • chocolate shock mini cakes
  • whisky chocolate mousse