My Little Lady in Red

A few weeks ago we went to La Petite Box  for a little photoshoot for my girl at 6 months. Inge shot the photos and made O. feel really at ease. Olivia was an absolute angel and she smiled all the time. This is part 1 of 3 blog posts I will do about this photoshoot. She looked so sweet in her little red dress. She can already sit by herself on a baby Eames chair :)

 Next Time: be ready for a wild animal...
 Thanx to La Petite Box & Thinkingoutsidethebox


Cocooning is important in our life, because we like to be at home and we want to make it as cosy and 'us' as possible. I think it is so important to feel good at home, because where and how you live can contribute to your happiness. If you are surrounded by things that inspire you, it will have its effect on your mood. Last weekend we went to an interior & furniture fair called 'Cocoon', what a coincidence! Here are some pictures of things we liked, and some pictures of things that would go great in our house and that our definitely on my wishlist (taken from pinterest)

 This yellow side table would make a great night stand
 Yes please
 It is, so true
 Beautiful colors
 This looks a lot like our bedroom, maybe we should reorganise the furniture.

The Book Club

In my ideal world, where time is endless, I have always wanted to start a book club. But since sometimes to read one book takes me months to finish, we would have gatherings every 6 months- so maybe I will just keep on reading books on my own.
Most of the books I read, I read with my ears, since I listen to them through my Ipod. For me it is a perfect way to read books and give my eyes the chance to rest or to do something else while reading. But I always keep some books for the bath tub.

My favourite author of the last year(s) is Paul Auster. I have read most of his books, and there stories grab me every time. I'm even reading them a second time for the moment. Maybe I am just addicted to his voice (as he reads his own stories)
 Another interesting book I have read lately is
1Q84. It took me a few months of listening, since it was a book of 24 hours.
"A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver’s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her. She has entered, she realizes, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 —“Q is for ‘question mark.’ A world that bears a question.”(Source: Goodreads)

Another author I always enjoy reading when I am in a amateur philosopher mood is Alain De Botton. Now he has some interesting books out in his 'School of Life' series. Currently I am reading this one. The last book I read by him was 'religion for atheists'. I learnt so much.
 And how can I do a book post without including this one:
 I read the first 50 pages and I thought, hmm interesting..., and then I went further and I thought: Seriously? That's how you lost your virginity? I mean, seriously? Hmm, yeah right!
 Am I right, Girls?
I stopped reading around page 200 - I thought it became quite boring after a while, it felt a bit like the stupid novels you find at the 1 dollar store or 'De Zeeman' (for the Belgians).
Maybe I should have given it another chance, but for some reason, I just put it back on the shelf of my bookcase.
Am I the only one? 
Maybe I am, since it has been on Number 1 of the best selling fiction books for months now.
But anyway, I don't need Christian Grey :)


Olivia supports MOVEMBER


 (the month formerly known as November) , a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health issues


Genes are crazy things.
If you look at me at 6 months - especially the picture on the right.And then you look at the picture of our daughter!
And then me again! Let's say, there is some resemblance. 
(Mini-me)! (Mini-me)! Our greatest accomplishment, this baby!

But even though she is a girl, she also looks like her daddy as a baby! Especially on the picture with his little pull with an L on.
I hope she gets your looks and my character, my man always says.
I don't really know if that says anything about my looks or about my character. Hmmm. :)

Food lately at our house (& elsewhere)