Food Lately at our house / Toscane Edition

As we rented a house for the holidays without catering, most of the days we cooked ourselves with the fabulous products you can find in the Italian supermarkets and farmers markets. Nothing better than doing the 'aperitivo' on your terrace with a magnificent view, and lighting up the candles as it gets darker.
We had addicting mozzarella (with 800% more taste in it than what you can find here) and by addicting I mean we ate at least 1 a day! The Bistecca alla fiorentina was also so magnificent, a T-bone steak from Chianina beef, a Tuscany bred cattle, normally done rare over the coals. And of course we ate a lot of fish, calamares, vongole, mussels, dorade, ... Njam. It was a culinary delight, this holiday!

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