At the Lugano Lake

Switzerland is confusing. In Lugano, you really think you are already in Italy, because everybody talks Italian, the food is Italian, the atmosphere is Italian. The people talk with their hands. But you pay in francs. It's difficult to find an authentic Swiss identity. Or maybe it is just me, or maybe it is the way Lugano is. I guess I am confusing you now. Anyway, we enjoyed our day at the lake, the only thing missing was our own boat, so we could go on the lake, James Bond Style and have a glass of champagne or something. But we had a Spritz and pizza and pasta, so I guess we cannot complain, can we.  (Ow Yes, Switzerland is for the rich - lots of big cars, up-scale shops and women with rich husbands with wrong taste)

 We also had a very nice hotel

 Father and daughter

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