Food Lately at our house

This week featuring:

1. Tiger Prawns with Wodka-Lemon-Cream sauce
 2. Mussels à la Lolo with lots of cream & garlic
3. Oven cherry tomatoes
4. Millefeuille of Aubergine(with dried ham, rocket salad, feta,    tomatoes)
5. Slow roasted chicken with red wine, champignons and mini-onions
6. Brie with brown champignons, postelein, and a garlic-soy sauce
7. Easy mozza-cherry tomato-basil sticks
8. Pasta with chorizo-tomatoes-lemon zest-olive oil and mozzarella on the side
9. Mussels, Lisa's way.
 10. Breakfast stuff: grapefruit juice and apple-peach salad
11. Breakfast stuff: Egg-Bacon-cheese bagel & Cream cheese/salmon bagel
(All Food/Pictures is/are made by Lolo & Lisa)

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