Why keeping your doorstep clean is also important

I read this article in the 'flow' about Happiness and that made me think.
Nowadays ' a good life' means having a 'successful' life and most of all showing that you have a successful life. Because if others can't see it, it doesn't exist. If it's not on facebook, or twitter, or blogged, it doesn't exist.
We live in a performance culture and that doesn't make us a lot happier.
Luckily there is a world within this world, that even all the social media cannot touch.
A world that exists when I lie in my bed with my little family next to me, what I feel at that moment, no facebook, no twitter, and no blog, can comprehend.

Now I am at home for a few months, taking care of our daughter, I have started to appreciate the simple things in life again, like cleaning my doorstep, doing the dishes, reading a magazine, going for a walk without a specific destination.
And I feel more useful than ever...
I am happy.

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  1. Ja het geluk moet je niet verder dan je voordeur zoeken. Je vind het in de kleine dingen rondom jou. Jou mama, kus!