Food Lately at our house

It has been fun being at home with my man & our daughter, not going to work, and taking the time to cook together, in between the naps of Olivia.

Here is what we ate this week:
Salad from the garden - with hints of orange & shrimps
Post pregnancy steak "saignant" with home made fries & Lolo's very nice bearnaise sauce
Crown of Lamb with confiture of red onion and mash with spring onions
Roasted vegetable lasagne with a rucola & ricotta cream with pumpkin seeds
Salmon - Courgette & lime Salad - Guacamole - Basmati rice with sweet peppers
Rôti de Boeuf with golden home made fries
Charcuterie du Pays Basque & Gâteau Basque

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