Lisa's Nesting DIY Projects

Sometimes I feel like getting 'fake' creative. I call it fake creative because I saw these things on my favorite pass-time things pinterest & etsy - I didn't invent these myself, unfortunately.
But at least I got the paint brush out and I found companies who helped me with the realisation.

I want to make this mobile for beebeekes room with butterflies in the colours we chose for her room.
I hope I can get it done in time: It should look a bit like this one
But I am gonna make them with these ones

 I also miss a hint of colour in our kitchen, so I thought it would be cool to have a 'eat' sign hanging there.
Because we are all about eating and cooking!
I saw this on Pinterest and decided to have it made, the only thing I still have to do is paint & hang it!
This is the one on Etsy
And this is ours
I had it made in a slightly more elegant handwriting

I also had one made for the white wall behind our veggie garden

This is gonna be painted in olive green, like the beach chairs we bought for our garden.
Maybe it will inspire our little veggies to start growing faster and better!
Cool! I love DIY.

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