if the world around you is nuts, does that mean I am nuts too? I hope not

Sometimes the world around you makes no sense at all. It doesn't for me anyway.
I am very grateful that I have a loving man and a comfy home to return too, before this crazy world gets the best of me. As much as you try to be calm and relaxed about everything, sometimes the last drop has fallen. And at that moment, everything starts to annoy you like:
  • The cars in front of you who think that the maximum speed on the street is 5km/hour.
  • The publicity/adverts I find every day in my mail, while I have a sticker that says 'NO THANK YOU'
  • The millions and thousands of narrow-minded, stupid people that you are sharing this world with and where you have to be friendly to, even if it is completely against your nature.
  • Shall I go on?
 Ok, I am also pregnant, so for the moment I can always say that it is the hormones.
But hey, you know what, it is not the hormones, sometimes you are just pissed off.
And that is perfectly okay and normal.
I am just giving a shout out for the right to be pissed!
Bear with me.okay.
(Beebee, Mommy is gonna let you be pissed off sometimes too, even if you have everything to be happy about)
Now I have the beast out of my system, I'll go and take a tranquillizing bath with lavender oil. HaHa.
Thanks for listening.

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