Beebeekes First Things - Part II

By Lisa
It is very difficult to not shop all the time now that it is coming closer.
For the moment I am still in the accessories, avoiding all the practical stuff, like bottles, diapers and such.
Luckily there are millions of nice things to choose from - shopping for my kiddo is equally fun as shopping for myself. I think it is Love.
Oh by the way, we went to see the doctor - Beebeeke weighs 620 grs and is almost 30 cm!

Here we go:
I discovered this brand when we were roadtripping in the US and I really love their products and they also have baby stuff- Baby Bee 
Even the packaging looks like sunshine and honey, and I have read it makes babies smell like it too.
Mr. Wolf - isn't he cute? and very soft

Craig the Crocodile
My parents gave us the stroller as a present, so at least we already have 1 practical thing :)
And I couldn't help it, I already bought her some hair accessories.
That's all of the update, I'm sure there is lots to follow

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