Starting new traditions

In my invitation for our Christmas party, I asked the guests to bring a Christmas tree ornament for Olivia, a new, old or special one, to start her own collection. I will be asking that for the next 4 years, so when she is old enough and settled down she will be able to decorate the tree with ornaments of all the people who love her.Isn't that nice. 
I must say the first year was already a success.
Her first box is filled.


Christmassy Evenings

Lights everywhere, that is the best way to describe this post.
We went to some Christmas happenings in the past few days to get the Christmas virus into Olivia.
I think it is working. Also she is turning into a cute little bear.
(featuring pictures of Christmas market Tienen, Leuven and Hasselt, the exaggerated decorated houses here in the area, cosy evenings at home with teevee dinners and cheese and ham soufflé, curling competitions and visits to Santa's house, I hope we will also go to the real one someday in Lapland!)