It's beginning to look a lot like...

Our beautiful X-mas tree (with the first presents for beebie)

 We bought this ornament in Vegas
 We are getting a whole series of them
 and this one we got in Frisco
3 X-mas stockings
shabby chic angels
old movies with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers
Home made chocolat and raspberry pie (hubbie)
Home made bread (also hubbie)

& then there was a 2nd line

beebie is now 12 weeks and 5cm... So we thought we'd tell you

The Christmas Collection - For all of you who think it is too early, look away

As a lot of you know, I love Christmas.
It is the most wonderful time of the year.
I have been thinking about Christmas...because I want our first Christmas in our house to be special.
The only thing missing is a fireplace, but not a problem, I will handle it.
Christmas Collection

A collage with lots of things I like about Christmas.
I see us sitting in the sofa under a blanket with our christmas pijamas on, okay, maybe that goes a bit too far for fiance, but still, a girl can dream. hihi
Oh yeah, and watch christmas movies on christmas eve and bake cookies.

I cannot wait!
Last year was so much fun! Here some photos to get in the mood

Antwerp in Black

My boyfriend took me on a weekend to Antwerp. To relax...To shop...To eat...To enjoy the last sun.
He booked 'The black hotel, a 5-room boutique hotel where black is the new sexy. The bed is really comfy and there is a bath tub in the middle of the room. Very nice.
 We had lunch it this easygoing lunch place 'cafematic', a gay hotspot and healthy food walhalla.
  After some shopping at Kammestraat, Meir, and Nationalestraat, we found our way back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

In my new Fred Perry 'Amy Winehouse' collection dress :)
After food and drinks, off to bed.

My wedding moodboards


Halloween Pumpkin Madness

Photo's Martha Stewart

 My boyfriend especially made a Christmas Halloween Pumpkin for me...He must love me


The beautiful green Basque country

This weekend we went to my fiance's family in the Pays Basque in the South West of France. Here is the plan.

 The village of his parents is a tiny village with one baker, one butcher, a little general store, and of course some bars. It's one of those green landscapes you imagine seeing while driving your mobile home through France. But it must be said the butcher has some great treats and the chocolat 'gateau basque' is a must eat.

My 'belle-mère' knitted this sweater & scarf for me.They are beautiful & warm!

Beautiful Autumn colors