Sunday Brunch

Today we had a Sunday Brunch Party to celebrate my dad's retirement.
The whole family came and it was lot's fun.
On the menu:
Viennoiseries - omelet - American pancakes - cheese - charcuterie - pumpkin soup - white cheese and red fruit - fresh juices and of course champagne

Forest Walks

 Magnificent, no?


My daddy and woefke

Paris Paris

Fallen into Fall

Fall is beautiful and necessary.
Necessary to stop me from starting Christmas Mayhem already.
So I try to focus on Autumn things, like pumpkins and cuddling up in the sofa with a blanket.
It is true we did not have a summer, but I must admit that I am ready for the rain, the falling leaves, smelling the firewood on our neighbour's open fire through their chimney, making nice stews and pumpkin soups.
So after two weekends in the sun, I decided that fall started last weekend. Ok, you can officially call me a knitting housewife. Ce n'est pas grave...
I started knitting again this weekend.
Next project: nice bracelets like these
I LOVE Pumpkins

And home made pumpkin soup (already in tummy!)

And we (euhm, okay, my man) made a fabulous Fish Pie with white fish, salmon, scampi, spinach and mashed potatoes. Perfect on a drizzly day.
It even had a little chimney! :)
Bon, I have got to get back to my knitting.
Check out my sexy sofa socks

Only Lyon

Weekend in Lyon, a town that most Belgian people forget when going to the south of France.