Soup Afternoon

Fall is in the country, well, I feel like it's fall. I want to do walks in the forest, make soup, carve pumpkins, wear sweaters, and cuddle up in the sofa, while the rains drips against the window.
I'm ready...let the leaves fall. Summer had its chance, but decided not to join us here in Belgium.
Time to have 'at-home' quality time with my 'fiancé'.
Starting with a nice Sunday breakfast

Market Time, I bought 50 tomatoes & 10 leeks - very cheap, so we had to do something with them...winter food...

So we started three soups
*Leek & potato soup
*Fresh tomato soup with meatballs
* Sweet corn chowder
fresh homemade tomato sauce with basil from the garden

Recipe Sweet Corn Chowder:
1 kg sweet corn - 3 spring onions - 1 clove of garlic - 25 gr of Semolina - 1.5 liter of vegetable stock. Just put the corn with the garlic, the spring onions , the semolina in the food processor until you have a mash of corn, then put it in a saucer - add the vegetable stock, wait until it cooks, turn off the heat and lett simmer for another 10 minutes. Put some tortillas in the oven, with a lot of grated cheddar on them and serve them in the soup! Njam!

That's for tomorrow
Family came over to enjoy our tomato soup with freshly rolled meatballs. I like

And we won't loose any vitamins over the winter

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