Indian Summer Evenings

Wedding in the South West

As I told you guys in my last post, We went to a wedding this weekend, a very nice wedding, I must say, full of family, friendship and love. It was a multicultural French-Japanese experience and it showed that two families do not have to speak the same language to be on the same level of understanding.
It was beautiful to see...

 Lisa in Japanese
 Laurent in Japanese

 After the Wedding Lunch, we went straight to the BBQ Dinner table, a long convivial table with lots of yummie food from the garden & meat from the farm. And wine and Ricard...Lots of Ricard served by Louis

This wedding was everything a wedding should be... I hope our will be as beautiful. Easy, njammie and full of good & loving atmosphere.

Welcome to the Tarn

This weekend we went to the South West of France, to the homebase of my man, for a wedding, but also for the beautiful beautiful sights.
This is France how you imagine it to be...

More specifically, we went to the Tarn Region, a combination of forests, mountains and vineyards. Situated in the Midi-Pyrenees Region.

 It was 27°C and boy, it was a great to feel the sun again.
We stayed at a guesthouse (Chambre d'hôtes) at Saint Martin Laguepie, a tiny village. The house has two rooms. Huguette and her dog Kiwi welcome you like you are one of her grandchildren. Very chaleureux! She makes 200 kilo of jam every year. 8 different flavours. And they are very njammie at the breakfast table.
 The B&B
 Breakfast is waiting for you when you wake up...

...With this view...

 ...After sleeping in 'outside dried in not polluted air' sheets
 Breakfast and all food consists of home grown veggies and fruit, milk comes fresh from the farm, and is nice and creamy
 Sint Antonin Noble Val, a very cute village

 Playing ball in the evening sun

We are engaged and so happy!
I'm gonna be somebody's wife, well not just somebody, my perfect boyfriend's wife
 And I am wearing my ring proudly :)

The Wedding planner in me is gonna have to come out of her box, but I'm not coming unprepared!

Martha Stewart, you will be my best friend from now on :)