San Francisco in a Frisco

2 nights, 1 day in San Francisco
This city is like several villages in one big city.
It has a European feel to it in a whole.
We stayed at the Good Hotel.
And ate Crab, Crab Chowder & Lotsa Crab


Fred & Wilma Lovestone in The Canyons: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our National Parks Tour
 Bryce Canyon

Zion Canyon      

 Death Valley, where I almost died from the heat.

Yosemite The Magical National Park to follow...
We love America

Sin City

Las Vegas
I admit, working for a hotel chain sometimes has its advantages, like this little hotel room we booked in one of the most prestigious hotels located on the strip in Las Vegas.

Yes, This will be our room in sin city, it is a sin in itself. But hey, we deserve it, no?
It even has its own 'Venice' inside, and going for a romantic tour in a gondola costs as much as in Venice, the real one. That's a sin, no?
Anyway, We're in Vegas, so we might as wel try to make the best of it. Like getting married. Is that a sin?

Or gambling all of our money away. Would that be a sin?
 The Strip is really an incredible world

(No money was lost in this blog post)

(and no, we didn't really get married)