Food, British delights, macarons & cocktails

mmm Delicious weekend!

Friday evening: Grilled chicken with potato muffins & grilled vegetable pie
  • Grilled chicken with thyme mayonaise (for 2)
    • 2 chicken breasts
    • 2 tablespoons of mayo & 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt/ Lemon juice/thyme/chicken herbs
  • Potato muffins
    • 500 gr of potatoes
    • milk
    • 1 eggwhite
    • chorizo
    • Goatcheese
  • Grilled vegetable pie
    • grilled paprika, aubergine, zukini
    • filo dough 
    • mozarella
(Inspiration Jeroen Meus)

  We discovered the best supermarket: Stone Manor in Everberg! 
Check out our treasures :-)
Bagels, scones, double cream, marmelade, njam...
We were like kids in a playground!
Time for some pecan-golden syrup cake!!
 We were brave enough to think that this time the little *** would work out fine! Well, ...NOT! grrrrr
 Some cocktails on a Saturday night to ease our minds!
 And the Piece de Resistance! The Breakfast Brunch

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