Christmas Pastries

X-mas is my favorite time of year: Christmas just means cosyness, inviting friends, doing something nice for somebody. I always get a warm feeling in my heart this season. I decorate my home and never leave the house the whole month of December. I just wanna stay close to the chimney and make our favourite foods. This year Christmas was like a christmas carol come true...

Picture 1: ***Lemon and almond damp cake*** (Nigella) with the cutest rendeers on top! We had this at Christmas eve during a very romantic tête-à-tête.

Picture 2: ***Night & Day cupcakes*** (Nigella) with brown sugar, cocoa and maple syrup. Th dough is to die for!

Picture 3:" Little giftboxes for my family at Christmas with muffins and sugar Rudolphs on top! (Stickers from The Paper Kingdom at

Picture 4: The dessert buffet at our Home Party: Mini-Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis***vanilla & white chocolate muffins***Tiramisu cake with home made chocolate cakes (calorie-BomB) and Grand Marnier***red heart-shaped cookies made with love!

These cute cookies are made from marshmallow and cornflakes (Nigella Christmas) Only for sweetteeth!

We are really proud of these selfmade macarons! Aren't they fancy? (inside with strawberry, lemon and nutella)

Great to decorate the Christmas tree and very yummie!

Christmas muffins on my favourite Christmas dish!

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