The Rapunzel Party - Olivia's 5th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Olivia's 5th birthday. She wanted a 'Rapunzel' (Tangled) party, so it seemed appropriate to have the party at the castle where I work. Her dearest (and only) cousin, aunt, uncle and grandmother from France paid a surprise visit for her birthday weekend, so she was over the moon! She was a happy girl running around the park, receiving too many presents and eating too much cake. Birthdays as they should be. She loves to be a princess, so if you cannot be a princess at 5, when can you? She had the biggest purple dress and a big yellow braid, and silver shoes with heels (yeah, i know). May her confidence of now stay with her forever.
We love you, Rapunzel! You're the best (and the coolest) and you complete us!
And thank you everybody for coming and the nice presents for our Petteke!
All her previous birthdays, if you would like to see
(Thanks Milan for the tower photos)

Old & New friends in Madrid

This weekend we went on a quick trip to Madrid, to see 3 of Lolo's best friends and their families, to eat, to spend some quality time, to eat again and then eat again and of course enjoy some sunshine.
The boys were celebrating their 25 years' friendship, so there is always a lot to talk about.
It is crazy to see how quickly these kids connected, although they see each other once a year on average. Also where there are kids, there are adventures, we had a kid fell into the fountain, we had a little girl's doll that spent the night in the park, but that was found again the next day, without the kid (mine, that is) even noticing that it was gone. We had mouths full of ice cream and chocolate, but most of all, they had fun. The men played football, the kids played in the park and the girls went shopping. This weekend had something for everyone. Since it was already our 3rd time in Madrid, we did not do a lot of the touristy things, but if you are interested, you can click here for our last trip here.