Happy Holidays in Toulouse

There were two events that gave me a little hope these past few days. One was at the airport when a guy was playing the piano (Life from Ludovico Einaudi) and everybody gathered around to enjoy this beautiful moment the day before Christmas and the other was at the Christmas market in Toulouse, where they had this forest of Christmas trees where you could hang your wishes for yourself, your family or for the world and it really struck me how many people wrote messages of peace and hope. 
We are spending these holidays at Lolo's sisters and boy, did we eat, as you can see in the pictures hereunder. Sandrine made her own gravad lax, we had oysters, tournedos rossini and too much of everything. The two cousins are so happy to see each other and play happily all day long. Happy Holidays!

Anytime is the right time to take pleasure in the everyday - Le Pain Quotidien

When Maasmechelen Village invited me to come and brunch at their newest addition 'Le pain quotidien', I was immediately enthusiastic. Because it meant some me-time, eating good food and some slow moments just before Christmas and before my last day of work for this year. I love the philosophy behind the concept - the time honoured tradition of breaking bread (very fresh, amazing bread), putting your hands around a bowl of hot slow-roasted coffee to warm up after the cold (and this gesture even warms your soul in a way) and the sense of community around one big table, while you pass around the bio jams and spreads. Brunch as it is meant to be. And especially in a shopping paradise as MMvillage, a slow moment in a beautiful - back to basics- setting is a welcome break from all the spending. Lots of success to Le Pain Quotidien in this new location and a big thank you to MMvillage for the invite (& the amazing goodiebag).


Making Christmas memories

This weekend was a good, good, good one. As every year we made a camp in the living room for the 3 of us to sleep in, and after some drinks with friends at the Christmas market, we got on our matrass and watched 'The Polar Express' together and when man and kid dozed away, I watched some other women TV Christmas classics, with the lights hanging above me and my two loves sleeping peacefully next to me. Such a good feeling. Saturday we had a croissant and hot cocoa breakfast in bed before going to Olivia's little dance recital. I was so moved watching my kid dance, I had tears in my eyes. I'm such a sucker when it comes to my daughter. Later that evening we had the family holiday party and my uncle made a pinterest worthy garland of home made Christmas ornaments and lights. So beautiful.
After another night in our camp, we took it easy on Sunday, and we prepared the Christmas get-together apero we hosted for our friends. We count our blessings this season, because the world is not everywhere as wonderful as in our little living room Christmas camp.
PS: In case you are interested in the recipe of the Holiday Moskow Mule
60 ml of cranberry juice, 60 ml of wodka, 120 ml of ginger beer, a splash of lime, a stick of rosemary, some sugared cranberries and ice