Reveillon de Noël

Lolo made this "bûche de Noêl"
Light and njammie with chocolate mousse

On the 11th day of X-mas

Dreaming of a white christmas
...There was snow....
A white christmas - what more can I ask for.

Have a merry merry christmas!!!

On the 10th day of X-mas...

That's today...I can count.
We had Spring and Winter in one day in my man's country
23/12/11 and 17 degrees Celsius
And wonderful christmas spirit in the evenings.

On the 8th day of Christmas

...We went to the doctor to see beebeeke.
Hearing that everything is going alright with this little alien in my belly is a very nice Christmas present.  But the baby was not really very photogenic yesterday - it was sitting, moving his arms and legs as if it was dancing the macarena. So we could not really get a good look at beebee. It's 11 cm now and the little head is 3 cm. It didn't want to show us yet if it is a boy or a girl. It will be a surprise for the new year. 
Beebeeke, are you a boy or a girl? Your daddy wants to know.
 The holidays are coming...the holidays are coming...

On the 7th day of X-mas

...I did my own little christmas tradition. Every year around christmas I make myself a nice hot bath with pine tree scented oil and I read this little short story: "Auggie Wren's Christmas Story." written by my favorite author Paul Auster. The tale about a writer's holiday assignment for The New York Times was initially published in the paper on Christmas Day, 1990. The short story has no Santa Claus, no Christmas tree, and no brightly wrapped presents. Weird no? But there is plenty of christmas spirit.

On the 6th day of X-mas

We had a great breakfast with 'Toteman', a local christmas tradition, & chocolat milk.


On the 3 rd day of X-mas

...I went to the X-mas Market in Leuven on my lunch break. Santa has a house there

On the 2nd day of X-mas...

We wrote our Christmas cards...

On the 1st day of X-mas...

...we baked ornaments to hang in the tree and cookies to give-a-way. While listening to
Happy Holidays!